Medical Services

Medical Services

Our services include:

  • Advising our clients on selecting the best private clinic for their treatment(s)
  • Access to the finest experts for all types of non-cosmetic medical treatments
  • Working with over 50 well established private clinics and accredited medical professionals throughout the world
  • Plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments, anti-ageing, detox and much more...
  • Giving birth abroad
  • Full health check up

Medical Services

Giving birth - Nice and Monaco

There are numerous world-class hospitals along the Cote d'Azur, with English and Russian-speaking doctors. There are also a variety of dedicated maternity clinics in the region, specializing in different fields from fertility through the different stages of pregnancy and beyond.

Not for nothing Angelina Jolie chose hospital Lenval in Nice.

Giving birth in France has a lot of advantages. Qualifications of doctors, prevention and treatment, modern equipment… Medical staff e.g. has many years of experience in supporting late pregnancy. France has one of the lowest rates of child and maternal mortality in the world.

About giving birth in Monaco:

Typically, our clients choose the central hospital of Monaco, Princess Grace, as one of the most respectable medical institutions. Main reasons are comfortable accommodations, attentive attitude to the future parents, careful application of modern medicine in the diagnosis of opportunities, labor. Optimal price-quality relation makes deliverers in Monaco double attractive.

Medical Services
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